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Why Christians worship Christ?


A lady went into a doctors office and during her examination the doctor noticed a cross on her neck. The doctor curious about the cross began a conversation with his patient and asked..


“I see you wear a cross around your neck, are you a Christian”?


“Yes” the lady responded to which the doctor replied..


“I am a Catholic and I am disappointed with born again Christians”..


“Why”? The lady replied..


The doctor replied in anger “Because you all talk about Jesus and how great He is but yet you never talk about His mother and I find that offensive”..

After a moments silence the lady responded and said..


“Doctor can I ask you something”?

“Of course” He replied

The lady smiled and said “Doctor if I make my next appointment and you are not available can I ask for your mother to come and see me instead”?


Horrified the doctor replied “Of course you can’t. I’m the one who studied medicine. I’m the one who is qualified not my mother, she may have given birth to me but I’m the one who studied and became qualified. She knows nothing about medicine”…


The lady responded with a smile and said..


“That’s why I talk about Jesus and not Mary. She didn’t qualify to be my Saviour, she didn’t die and rise again and she didn’t pay the price for my sins”…..

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