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Sow your seed with Great Expectations

God promised you a harvest to motivate your faith to sow a FAITH OFFERING expecting a mighty HARVEST. Stripping expectations of a harvest from your sowing is enemy inspired. God pleasures in giving you a great harvest from your acts of radical faith. Never allow your past or others opinions to stop your harvest. This is the greatest moment to sow into the Kingdom because God promised

an acceleration of harvest (Amos 9:13). You can live in the supernatural harvest time now.

God’s greatest joy is for you to believe the Word about seed-time and harvest. God promised great benefits to those who are faithful givers. Giving with great expectations increases your harvest. Your acts of faith cause things to move quickly. God will always exceed our expectations. Reaping is the reason for sowing. In Mark 10:28-30, Jesus promised a hundredfold return on your giving in this life. Sow in great expectations of harvest. Never doubt again the Law of God to bless you ABUNDANTLY from your sowing in faith. Sow faithfully and consistently with expectations of the HARVEST.

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