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Christ in you, the Faithful & Powerful One in you

Abraham considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah’s womb ” Romans 4:19 What did Abraham not  consider ?? The dead situation of his own body or the the deadness of Sarah’s Womb. What did he CONSIDER?? Being fully persuaded, that what HE had promised, HE was able to perform. Like Abraham we should also NOT consider the dead situations in our life or job, career, business, relationships. Sometimes the situation might be bad, rough, worse or even dead Yet we should choose Not to Consider it, because considering the situation will lead to dwelling on it and then fear of failure to see a good life will start attacking. What we Consider, we will Dwell upon in our thoughts, then Our MEDITATION becomes our MANIFESTATION. MEDITATING by considering the situations sometimes MANIFESTS no progress or sometimes make the situation even worse. What did HE Consider ? that what GOD has promised, HE was able to perform. HE CONSIDERED GOD, HIS PROMISE, HIS POWER TO PERFORM THE PROMISE. You can Choose to Consider the Situation or the God who can change the Situation. There is a Promise in the Word for every situation we are Going through. We can choose to Consider the Present situation or the Promise to change the Situation. We can choose to keep considering the Situation till a point that we no longer think it will change or we can choose to consider the POWER of GOD that can change any, every situation. Choose to Constantly keep Considering the LiFE Giving GOD who has Promised you life of abundance & favor, Consider HIS POWER, HIS RESURRECTION POWER is able to Raise the dead situation to Life, bring beauty to ashes, bring abundance to lack, bring strength to the weak. Tell Your Self, i have a Big God, Big Promises and My God is Faithful & Powerful to Perform, Bring to pass in my life every promise he has given to me. 4 days dead Lazarus was brought back to Life by the RESURRECTION POWER of JESUS. JESUS is in you now, You have Life, You have RESURRECTION POWER in you, everything has to change in your favor. Choose to Consider CHRIST in every Circumstance CHANGE is inevitable. GOD is Bigger than your Situation, HIS Promise has a better Life for You, and HE Performs Exceedingly, Abundantly more than your imaginations in Keeping the PROMISES. Consider not the Situation but GOD. Consider not the Present but the PROMISE. Consider not the deadness but the RESURRECTION POWER

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